Firing up your Board with Gail Perry

I’m at the AFP International Conference and trying to ‘live blog’ some sessions – here are my take-aways from Gail Perry’s great session!

1 – Figure out their story WITH them – so they have it and can share it (why do they care? – not questioning it’s legitimacy, finding individual passion)

2- Give them the ‘organization virus’ and ask them to ‘go out and sneeze on everyone you know’

3 – Reasons to return to a mtg (psych research) learning, recognition, efficient, effective, irritants dealt with, have fun)

4 – Ways to liven up your board mtg – focus on results, be creative with the agenda, focus on problems/challenges/broadissues,

batman and gail
Batman showed up to 'save boards' (comic conference is next door) CREATIVITY RULES courtest of @SandyRees

Look at trends within routine reports, plan big, cheerleading sessions, consent agendas, interview the ED, set up one interesting item/debate for a discussion, themed mtgs, create ‘mission moments’ in every board meeting (testimonials)

5 – #1 reason people join boards = to be with other people on the board (which means they want to meet each other) (come up with your WANT list – and show that list to your recruits – more will say yes – but make sure the old guard feels respected and the new folks are excited)

June Bradham did some fantastic research on What do board members want?

– To meet each other

– To get their hands dirty

– To have a good working relationship with CEOs

– To have their time respected

– To have social time with each other – it builds trust and collegiality, teamwork – which all leads to better experiences and more resources for the cause

Gail spent some time emphasizing the importance of teamwork, trust, the communication dynamic of the group and peer pressure – it’s important to understand, observe and facilitate.

Gail’s #1 motivator of boards – to look good in front of their peers – focus them on action so they have results to share

For more, check out Gail’s blog, Gail on Twitter and June Bradham on twitter.

2 thoughts on “Firing up your Board with Gail Perry

  1. Great summary Nathan! And what a wonderful session. I think Gail shares a LOT of practical information that can make a big difference with any board.

    Sandy Rees

    1. She sure does and so do you! Thanks for being such a rockstar at the conference and for all your efforts bringing ‘eggheads’ (Twitter users without profile pics) into the twitersphere!

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