Generational giving and expectations

The next in the AFP International Conference Series (last day – almost done, promise!) is ‘Generational Giving’ with June Bradham, Tucker Branham (both CFREs from Corporate Development) and Rachel Hutchisson of Blackbaud.  They started with a personification of the generations.



“I love rock n’ roll, my first computer weighed 25 pounds.  I’m getting older and wondering what ‘fulfillment’ will look like after I get done working.  My kids are grown and mostly gone and I’m really excited about it :).

Gen X

“40-ish” Don’t call me at home, the only ones that do are students at university phone-a-thons or local political candidates (neither of which you want to be perceived as). Email me and I’ll get back to you. If I haven’t led yet, I’m ready for Boomers to retire and let me shine a bit

Gen Y

I’m always moving fast. Email is to slow. If you want to reach me, use Facebook or Twitter. I consume media how I want, when I want (mobile, Pandora, etc.). I set up all my parents technology.  If you ask for my opinion, you’d better want it. And you’d better use it.  If you do – I have a lot to offer and I’ll bring my friends along.

Giving & Expectations


  • Giving to fewer causes
  • More concerened with feeling passionate about causes
  • Peer to peer and senior level is best
  • We know we’re getting older, but we are not ready to admit it
  • Done with long, boring, ineffective meetings – but still a lot to offer
  • Give because of strong organizational leadership
  • I only want to talk to someone at the top level (who doesn’t

Gen X

  • Busy
  • Motivated
  • Results oriented
  • Family focused – but able to multi-task
  • Struggle with work/life balance
  • Ready to lead and love to network
  • ROI is important
  • Involve our children
  • Tired of being passed over for boards because people want their bosses


  • Passionate
  • Vocal
  • Connected
  • Impact
  • Have a voice and were encouraged to use it & share it from an early age. Don’t be offended when we do.
  • Passion for change
  • Need to be heard/have good ideas
  • Impact and Cause over organization
  • Absolutely tired of giving EVERYTHING and never being HEARD
  • If you disengage them now and don’t hear them – you’ll never get them back

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