Livestrong and Mr. Youth don’t disappoint #MDS11

Ever stood under Niagara falls trying to get a drink?  That’s what this morning felt like with TONS of great info from @heidisa & @philhills from @Livestrong and @MrYouth (@mattyB123).

With every minute that passes, I’m more and more excited that these sessions are recorded and available for a year! I know what I’m doing every night for weeks now. (Nonprofit Netflix?)

Here’s a snippet of the goodness.

Livestrong shared that there are 3 steps to truly engaging millennials

Step 1: Let them choose the channel

Us online, events and advocacy opportunities…and let them test you out!

Step 2: Deepen and broaden the relationship

Make sure you communication is mission focused, localize where possible and continually provide opportunities to donate/serve

Step 3: Make it theirs

Take it offline giving them offline events, social gatherings, etc. and allow them to connect with each other. Building new relationships based in your effort will keep them coming back

Matt Britton (@mattyb123 & @MrYouth) had similar themes

Connectivity – using a variety of themes b/c Millennials do

Individuality – don’t use the same language and approach for all generations, segment appropriately

Authenticity – Your brand needs to look, act and be a ‘person’. “No one wants to be friends with a toothbrush”

Ownership – Give them control of their own destiny with your brand. Let them engage, create, test and repeat. Build strategy around what works.

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4 thoughts on “Livestrong and Mr. Youth don’t disappoint #MDS11

  1. Hi there, wondering where we can access the recordings you referenced? are they only available to those that attended the conference?

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