Last minute Holiday Good Giving Guide Pt. 1 – 3 Gifts that do good

Tis the season to avoid the malls and do some good. In this 3 day quick-read, there are gifts that do good, suggested charities, year-end giving tips (including an extra tax-benefit no-brainer), sussies, monsters and how to help Newtown. Today – gifts that do good. Read on, then go make someone’s holiday a little brighter.

3 Gifts that do good

Get a gift for someone that still has a positive impact on another.

1. Promise Monsters

Spike - the Promise Monster
Spike – the Promise Monster

Be the perfect do-gooder parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle. These hand-stitched ugly lil’ fellas are made in the USA, make a great friend for kids and come with sneaky missions of kindness like making brownies for neighbors or drawing a picture for a friend. Several to choose from and kids receive rewards for doing good. Good + ugly = fantastic.

2. Interest-related giving

Almost every nonprofit organization can now be supported online, AND most have the ability to make the gift in someone’s name.  Your friend has a weird fascination with the albino ostrich? Order a small stuffed one and make a donation to the World Wildlife Federation. A teacher? Education cause.  A car junky? Donate to (or get them a membership to) the closest historic car museum.  Older friend or family member? Donate to the local town museum, library, historic preservation center or community foundation in their name. It beats the usual and they’ll appreciate the lasting impact it makes.

3. Change your underwear and change the world

Ok, ok. They do shirts and socks too. PACT is like Toms, but with more gear. Purchases support a variety of causes. And it’s good stuff. QUICK – order today and get free shipping. Miss the deadline? Gift. Cards. Rule.

There you go! Get to shopping and tomorrow we’ll tackle giving where it’s needed most.

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