21 nonprofit uses for Vine and Instagram video

So Twitter launched a new video sharing called Vine and more recently, Instagram joined the party. Vine gives super short (6 second) clips with motion and sound and if it takes off like Instagram, it could be big. Instagram offers users 15 seconds. There are already some big brands on board, but it got me thinking (of course) how could organizations use it to do good?  My early thoughts…  (UDPATE: I’ve tried the app and enjoy it so far but you can’t embed videos (unless you upload to YouTube like below) or link to my profile yet, assuming/hoping that comes soon!)

Tell a story

  1. A short ‘day in the life’ of a client.
  2. Tour of a facility
  3. How a donor fixed a problem
  4. What your staff is working on

Show a process

  1. Trees being planted
  2. Homeless being given beds, shelter, blankets
  3. Person dressing up for an interview (job placement)
  4. Stray animals being cleaned and fed
  5. Kids (doing pretty much anything cute!)

Call to action

  1. Promote an event or blog post
  2. Show people getting ready for a party
  3. Collecting silent auction items
  4. $50 buys a _____. Visit (website).
  5. We need _____. Please send to (address).

Make people think

  1. Ask a question
  2. Make a powerful statement
  3. Inspirational quotes

Show results

  1. Show faces of those served today
  2. Incoming client leaves happy
  3. Empty truck is filled with food, then delivered
  4. Time-lapse of building project

Facebook has currently blocked it and there are some flaws, but will you use it? Think it will take off?

7 thoughts on “21 nonprofit uses for Vine and Instagram video

  1. You can embed the films into a website or blog if you choose to share them on Twitter & then embed from Twitter.

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