#MCON13 Top 10 and Preview – Win Tickets!!

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For those unaware, the millennial generation is already changing philanthropy.  As we’ve learned from the last MCONs (here, here and here), this generation, like others, has it’s own personality and giving profile.  They are less religious than older Americans, but more civic-minded (esp. when voting). They demand transparency. They want access, not to the CEO for image or stature, but to ask questions, better explore the organization and to learn quickly how they can best assist the cause.  They are incredibly connected and contrary to the ‘me generation’ stereotype, they are tremendously open to change – as long as they understand it.

MCON is the single best conference dedicated to understanding millennials, their giving patterns and how they are changing the world.  In addition to unveiling the latest millennial giving research, this year’s conference brings the first opportunity to participate LIVE in Indianapolis (previous conferences have all been solely online), and brings a cadre of giving rockstars to the stage.  Without further adieu, here are…

My top goals for #MCON13

1. Learn from Azita Ardakani who is truly mobilizing millennials for good

2. See if Danielle Deabler’s NPR twitter ‘voice’ is as soothing as Steve Inskeep’s.

3. Hear the big take-aways of the new millennial research from Achieve.

4. Hear Jenna Golden of Twitter share her best story of a small nonprofit making a ginormous social media splash.

5. Tell Heidi Jark of Fifth Third that I just paid off my car loan from Fifth Third (true story). Then hear how the 80 foundations she works with are transferring leadership to millennials.

6. Ask Ido Leffler from Yes to Inc. if he’s every met anyone named Icant from No way Inc.

7. Ask Nicole Robinson of the Mondelez International Foundation (Mondelez brands include Nabisco, Nilla and Oreo) what she thinks about the Twinkie comeback of the year.  Kidding! Moreso, how she balances the Foundation’s interest in health with the business interest in selling sweat treats (Note: not trying to start a fight – I’m literally just curious).

8. Buy my friend Kari Saratovsky a drink I’ve owed her for 7 years now and hear about book #2 (I’m sure it’s coming! If you haven’t yet, read her and Derrick’s book)

9. Have a Monkey Gland. (My favorite new drink from the new bar, Platt 99, at The Alexander, a gorgeous new hotel from Buckingham Companies and support the Buckingham Companies Foundation)

10. Take an Instagram pic with Sophia Bush, and challenge her to a Crowdrise dual. Knowing full-well I’d lose. She’s raised $300k from/for millennials!? Yowsers.

WIN TICKETS!!! Super easy – tweet this post and/or comment below on why you want to attend #MCON13. Two winners picked by FRIDAY – one will be my favorite answer and another at random. GO!

8 thoughts on “#MCON13 Top 10 and Preview – Win Tickets!!

  1. Because having a “we’ll get to it next month” plan for addressing millenials is even worse than “we don’t have a plan” for addressing millenials.

  2. OMG! I can’t wait to hear how to best attract and engage a positive and optimistic generation so that important causes will be tweeted, liked, shared. Lol, certainly don’t want to make a Frenemy out of our Millennials. Just sayin’

  3. I need new ideas for my “toolbox” and creative minds always use their toolbox. Do I tweet, facebook, LinkedIN, text; all of the above to reach millenials?

  4. Finding unique and engaging ways to connect with millenials is crucial. This sounds like an amazing event and a perfect opportunity to start thinking strategically about how I connect with and activate a passionate base of constituents.

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