Ready or not…

two strangers at a signHere I blog.

After attending Blog Indiana 2010 yesterday and today, I came straight home and got started.  I’ve been thinking a lot about my first post and simply wanted to share my reasoning and thoughts behind this new project.  I’m blogging because I’ve got a lot of thoughts and opinions I want to share.  I’m blogging about nonprofits because it’s what I know and love.

Very few people working in the nonprofit sector wear one hat. There are some great blogs that address fundraising, marketing and other niches of our work but the reality is that we often all do all of it.  Whether you’re on your way up or have a view from the top, you’ve got to know a lot about a little in order to succeed. This is a place for the nonprofit generalist, junkie, amateur and veteran.  I plan on discussing a wide variety of topics, specific and broad, practical and theoretical, personal and professional.

It’s a place for open and honest dialogue where we all get better by learning and sharing alongside one another.  If our intent is pure, we can have some fun together and do more good for the world.

Pull up a chair, let’s chat.

One thought on “Ready or not…

  1. Good Day to You Nate!

    For an initial blog I think you did well. I enjoyed reading it, and I like the reflection on what you may have gained from attending #BlogIndiana or #BIN2010. We both had the advantage of spreading our wings and meeting new people, and learning new concepts or methods for improving our individual blogs. Some fundamentals were covered, some new methods of reaching out to our respective “causes, business, readership or Fans,” were divulged in sessions like @rockywalls. Everywhere we turned there were sessions that helped enlighten the attendees, with expressing themselves to greater numbers, and increasing their individual networks, and perhaps friendships.

    Case in point: My Twitter account alone, jumped over 200 followers. And in turn I followed 200 new people, every attendee from the #BIN2010 or #BlogIndiana, social media conference. And there are similar statistics, for my Facebook page and LinkedIn presence.

    The net result is that we learned a lot of interesting and easy methods to increase our networks, and we are still, learning and gaining additional insight through those connections, in the wake and aftermath of the event.

    Now! Hopefully? Our attendance at #BlogIndiana/#BIN2010 with our new found network and firends will help our individual business or cause.

    And don’t forget to check out the events I told you about in the near future!

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