Top 20 Nonprofits on Twitter…by Klout?

Last week the Chronicle of Philanthropy highlighted the Top 20 Nonprofits on Twitter.  They recognized it was a limited list, determined only using follower count.  I decided to do a quick cross-reference using Klout – the Google algorithm-like formula Twitter uses to determine influence.  As many in the social media world will share – it’s not how many followers you have, but the relationship you build with them, the power of your voice amplified through them and basically…what you can empower them to do.  Klout measures this but notably, influence takes time.

Taking the list from the Chronicle, they are now in order by Klout score.

Organization Twitter Handle Followers Follow Rank Klout Score Klout Rank
Charity:Water @charitywater 1,308,128 1 58 1
Save the Children @savethechildren 106,162 20 56 2
Kiva @kiva 357,148 8 53 3
Care @CARE 350,785 9 53 4
World Wildlife Fund @WWF 159,353 18 52 5
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation @gatesfoundation 430,549 4 51 6
Acumen Fund @acumenfund 326,138 11 51 7
Creative Commons @creativecommons 364,809 7 47 8 @water 365,230 6 46 9
Witness @witnessorg 276,553 15 42 10
Ashoka @AshokaTweets 322,734 12 41 11
Room to Read @RoomtoRead 457,158 2 39 12
ONE @ONECampaign 452,002 3 39 13
Greenpeace @Greenpeace 109,579 19 39 14
Unicef @UINCEF 209,690 16 38 15
American Red Cross @RedCross 208,660 17 36 16
Skoll Foundation @SkollFoundation 320,057 13 35 17
Samasource @Samasource 314,298 14 35 18 @dosomething 367,737 5 33 19
The Case Foundation @CaseFoundation 338,283 10 20 20

Besides Charity:Water maintaining a #1 spot, the list shuffles a bit.  Save the Children and the World Wildlife Fund make jumps up while Room to Read, ONE and drop.

Back in March, Socialize Your Cause identified the Top 25 Most Influential Non-Profit Tweeters. After some digging, there are a few other lists but it seems that most reference Mashable’s or Rosetta Thurman’s lists (note, TweepML’s down for a few more days).

The problem is – list authors only use one variable or don’t share their reasoning behind their lists. It’d be interesting to know if once an organization reaches a critical mass (say 50,000 followers) it becomes easier to maintain a higher Klout?

Do you know of an influential nonprofit or nonprofit leader (by Klout or other method) that hasn’t been mentioned?  Or maybe Klout can share the nonprofits with the highest scores? I’d love to see the true Top 20 Nonprofits on Twitter…

10 thoughts on “Top 20 Nonprofits on Twitter…by Klout?

  1. Thanks Nathan, another great post.

    The Klout score and analysis of one’s influence is much more interesting than simply number of followers and amount of retweets.

    I think for @Bldgtomorrow we’ll keep our eyes on the Klout numbers from now on.


    1. Thanks Liz – while Klout is a better indicator than followers alone – it alone can also be limiting. I love the analysis tools on their website for a fuller picture of one’s influence. Also great to use the ‘filter by Klout’ functionality that Hootsuite offers in order to prioritize your responses and efforts. Keep up the great work at @Bldgtomorrow – you all are definitely ‘one to watch’!

    1. Thanks Megan – any chance Klout can provide a list of ‘most influential nonprofits’ or those w/ the highest Klout? I know many would be interested to learn from (and follow) them!

      Either way – thanks for reading!

      1. A little late to the post but we have a project up that calls the Klout score of policy non-profits on a daily basis – The instructions for having a group you want added are on the page.

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