What does Facebook’s new Email function mean for your Nonprofit?

On this National Philanthropy Day, Facebook gave us an early holiday gift. Email.

Call it F-mail, call it Titan, call it a game-changer but can we call it helpful?  Let’s be real. Unless you’re one of the BIG nonprofits, odds are you don’t have a full-time social media department chomping at the bit to update your Facebook strategy after learning the news.

But what does it mean for the rest of us? Big or small, there are some things you can (and should) be doing to prepare for when (not ‘if’) it impacts you.

1. Get your data ducks in a row

If you don’t have information on how your donors want to be contacted then it’s time to get it together. Better yet, as Mindframe (a new project from Hotbed Creative and Kyle Lacy) will share, find out what medium they actually react to instead of the medium they say they prefer.  Donor surveys, focus groups, etc. – all contribute to knowing who wants what information sent through which medium. Demographic data, giving trends, number of touches before gifts – data driven management needs to be a priority if it’s not.

2. Stay in front of donors in the way they want

What you know about your donors and their preferences has never been more important. Maybe the only thing ‘more important’ than having that data is using it.  The majority of the announcement talked about cutting through the clutter so people can only read & react to the things they want to.  Using donor preferences NOW builds a closer relationship so they’ll want to include you in their short list when the time comes – not the long list that they end up ignoring.

3. Prepare for a online/social marketing focus

This announcement may actually reverse the language used and how we organize our marketing efforts.  Integrating email with social to this extent means that ‘social marketing’ will in-fact include all online/email communication. Translated? Your marketing person’s plate will be increasingly full of online efforts vs. more traditional direct mail & advertising (of all types). But – it’s crucially important to maintain a presence in several areas and cross-pollinate your campaigns.  Facebook and email might be changing, but as Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerburg shared today, “It’s not killing anything…yet“.

Miss the announcement? Get the video here or summary here.

What do you think about the announcement? How does it impact your marketing planning?

3 thoughts on “What does Facebook’s new Email function mean for your Nonprofit?

  1. Thanks for sharing this social media news with the nonprofit community!

    I’m not sure what this will mean for my personal brand strategy or my employer’s online marketing. I’ll have to take some time to read more about this latest opportunity.

    Thank you for bringing it to my attention, Jessica

  2. Nothing. In fact, make note in your memory box 2011 will begin FB’s beginning of it’s great decline. Let’s talk in 12-18 mos.

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