Win the lottery! (and a free pass to the Millennial Donor Summit #MDS11)

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Ask just about any nonprofit leader what they need most and they’ll answer as you would expect. They need cash.  Then ask a nonprofit leader of an older organization, what it’s like to receive notice of an unexpected several-figure transformational gift through a will or estate. It’s like winning the lottery – all because someone (waaaaaay before your time) made an early investment.

Don’t wait to win the lottery, invest in those that will make it happen for you now and down the road.  Millennial donors are already here. Where do you start?

I’m honored to be an Official Conference Blogger for the day.  Join me for the Millennial Donor Summit.

Millennial Donor Summit 2011

WHEN: June 22, 2011 8:00 am- 5:00 pm

WHAT: Virtual conference for anyone interested in new methods, technologies, and approaches to involving Millennials

WHO: Barbara Pierce Bush, Geoff Livingston (Zoetica), Suzy DeFrancis (Red Cross), Heidi Schultz Adams (LIVESTRONG) and representatives from AFP, the Case Foundation, and NTEN plus many more.

WHY: They pulled out the best reasons you go to a conference, and skipped the annoying parts. No traveling. No mediocre lunches. Just the best speakers, amazing exhibitors, and great information– and you only need a computer.

$75 that basically guarantees your organization will win the lottery. That’s a fantastic value. Register now to secure your spot! (Discounts for members of Case Foundation, AFP, NTEN & ADRP).

Want to attend for free?

3 ways to enter (limit one entry per person per way = 3 total entries).  I’ll pick a winner from random this Friday at 12:00 noon EST!

1. Comment below, include your twitter handle and tell me why you want to attend!

2. Tweet this post, with my name (@nathan_hand) and #MDS11 the official hashtag of the Millennial Donor Summit

3. Tell me your favorite thing about Millennial Donors on my Facebook page.

Good luck and I’ll see you there!

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18 thoughts on “Win the lottery! (and a free pass to the Millennial Donor Summit #MDS11)

  1. Does it count that my reason for wanting to attend is so I can hang out with you at another conference? 🙂 Seriously, though … this sounds like a GREAT conference with a fabulous lineup of speakers. Millennials are key constituents for many nonprofits. Knowing how to reach them is crucial. I’d love to attend so I can learn more about how to do exactly that. (Congrats on being the Official Conference Blogger for this!)

  2. Any individual passionate about nonprofits would want to attend this incredible conference. I work with small, up and coming nonprofits that are beginning to move mountains and change lives. These nonprofits are blazing new trails. They saw a need, addressed it and they’re accomplishing incredible feats. The best part is I am honored to be by their side helping them impact the community in a new, fresh, out-of-the box way. The more information I can obtain to help them cultivate and involve Millennials only contributes to their efforts and success. And, those Millennials we will be cultivating will fully embrace their mission and will be grateful to be aligned with such incredible organizations. I am eager, hungry, and passionate. I devour information because it only makes me a better professional to these agencies. So that’s why you should select me!

  3. I am a school board member in rural NM who is looking at every possible option to benefits the kids in our district. I still believe in public education and connecting with Millennials is a new unique way to do that. Education is the best social issue to invest in to help solve problems in the US and the world!
    Robin Parks

  4. It seems wrong that I need to miss a virtual conference! But I’m technically on vacation next week, and I’m pushing my luck with my family already by scheduling two AFP presentations! Looking forward to seeing your summary and tweets!

  5. Lots to learn about the next generation of philanthropist! Thanks for entering me in the drawing:)

  6. Love to attend the conference because as an organization, we need to learn how to effectively engage millennial donors so that we can advance and grow our mission, while keeping up with the changing philanthropic times!

  7. There is so much to learn about millennial donors and as a part of this generation, I’d love to learn how to engage, interact, and motivate my peers to do great things with our time and money. @ambercooney

  8. A major part of my org’s mission is to encourage younger generations to claim their place as important givers in society….would love to hear what the trends are! @melindamckeee

  9. Thanks for posting – Would love to attend. New at my organization and just joined the strategic funding committee. I would love to bring some great info back to the table next week. @EmployIndy

  10. Need that spring to jump! I would like to attend because I have the passion, I have the ideas, I have the the implementing methodology to implement—- just need the funds to make it happen! Almost there if I get to gooooooooooooooo!
    I love this about yer site : Dating your Donors, Part 5 (finale): That’s hilarious!

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