20 reasons why NOT to attend the Millennial Donor Summit

20. Your cat is having babies. And you loooove cats like this girl.

19. Them ther’ virtual conferences are to confusin’. You have to push ‘enter’ and everything.

18. You’re pouting because you wanted to meet @socialcitizen, @geoffliving and @heidisa in person

17. $75 is way to much to secure your organization’s future sustainability

16. The summer is time for relaxing, not learning or planning.

15. You’re waiting for another development in the Anthony Weiner case.

14. You only accept donations from people over 50

13. You have 10 hours of unproductive staff meetings that day (all sessions are recorded and available afterwards!)

12.  You already know how to engage thousands of new people in micro-volunteering efforts from their phone.

11. Online giving isn’t one of the fastest growing mediums

10. You’re already raising more money than you know what to do with

9. Your younger donors are completely engaged and you know their every need, wish and want

8. The speakers obviously don’t know what they’re talking about

7. No one’s ever heard of the Chronicle of Philanthropy. It’s not the leading publication for our field or anything.

6. Just hearing the word ‘summit’ gets you winded. And you’re afraid of heights.

5. You always put one L and one N in Milenial. And 3 M’s in Summmit.

4. Millennials have no interest in engaging with causes that won’t help their career. Sure.

3. Millennials don’t have money to give (Really?)

2. “the Twitter” is just a fad. It’s going away. Just like Facebook and the inner-net, slap bracelets and POGS.

1. You don’t have time to invest in your organization’s future.

Don’t make the big mistake of missing the Millennial Donor Summit. Register now, then try and win a free pass from me! (I’ll reimburse you if you win and have already registered.)

4 thoughts on “20 reasons why NOT to attend the Millennial Donor Summit

  1. Love it. Well done! Especially #2, which made me remember my late-grandma asking for my help in sending birthday cards on “the intercom.” Can’t wait to “see” my #AFPmeet friends again!

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